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Materi Kuliah Komunikasi Bisnis Memahami Costumer

Materi Kuliah Komunikasi Bisnis Memahami Costumer
Materi Kuliah Komunikasi Bisnis Memahami Costumer

Communicating involves the translation of your thoughts and ideas to words.
Speaking or writing involves sharing your perspective with others. If you talk to
yourself, the action is a reflection of the communication process, but you play the

role of audience. In your head, you may make sense of your words and their
meaning, but when I hear what you said, what you meant may escape me. I might
not “get it” because I don’t know you, your references, your perspectives, your
word choices, or your underlying meaning and motivation for speaking in the first
place. In this chapter we’ll discuss perspectives, and how people perceive
information, as we learn how communication is an imperfect bridge to
understanding. It requires our constant attention, maintenance, and effort.
Knowing your audience involves understanding others, and their perspectives, to
see if they understand your words, examples, or the frames of reference you use to
communicate your experiences, points, and conclusions. Ask yourself when you last
had a miscommunication with someone. No doubt it was fairly recently, as it is for
most people.

It’s not people’s fault that language, both verbal and nonverbal, is an imperfect
system. We can, however, take responsibility for the utility and limitations of
language to try to gain a better understanding of how we can communicate more
effectively. As a communicator, consider both the role of the speaker and the
audience and not only what and how you want to communicate but also what and
how your audience needs you to communicate with them in order to present an
effective message.

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