Kampus Budi Bakti

Perbandingan Keragaman Produk Dan Harga Antara Produk Yang Dijual Bukalapak Dan Tokopedia Studi Kasus Pada Mahprodukasiswa STIM Budi Bakti) Ahmad Mudzakir, SPd, MSi



his study aims to determine which of the two market place platforms Bukalapak and Tokopedia are superior to the variety of products being sold and how to apply the price level applied to each product sold. Then at a certain stage, which applications will remain stored and which applications will be deleted or uninstalled from the respondent’s smartphone. Of the 75 respondents, 56% chose to use the Tokopedia application and the remaining 46% chose the Bukalapak application. As many as 67% of the respondents of Bukalapak chose to agree and 70% of the respondents of Tokopedia also chose to agree on the statement that the products being sold were many and varied. It appears that the Tokopedia respondents are superior in this statement without specifying the number of types of products and their diversity. As many as 75% of Bukalapak respondents disagreed, and 67% of Tokedia respondents who disagreed with the statement that the products sold were expensive.

Keywords: product diversity, price

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